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HotelClub Spanish

Coding method

Macao Post is currently developing a postcode system. The introduction date is not yet known.

Address format

Delivery to P.O. box:

Sr. XXX                    name of addressee and status
P.O. Box XXX               post office box number
Estação Nova Taipa         name of post office
Taipa                      name of village, town or district

Delivery to addressee's address:

Sr. XXX                                                name of addressee and status
Av. da Praia Grande, Bloco II                          type and name of thoroughfare and number
17 andar, moradia F                                    floor and apartment

Reference Links

ar:ماكاو de:Macao es:Macao fr:Macao it:Macao ja:マカオ ko:마카오 pt:Macau ru:Макао zh-cn:澳门 zh-tw:澳门