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Coding method

Postal Codes in Kazakhstan consist of 6 numbers.eg:

0 4 0 9 0 0

In general,the first two digits represent the regional centre or major town,the middle two digits represent the district,the last two digits represent the post office.

Address format

Kazpost's requirements for address content are as follows:

  • line 1 family name + first name + patronymic;
  • line 2 thoroughfare name + building number + apartment number;
  • line 3 locality name + district name;
  • line 4 province name;
  • line 5 name of destination country
  • line 6 postcode; eg:
Ahmetov Serik Kairatovitch
Ulica Mira, dom 14, kvartira 6
Kaskelen, Karasai raion
ALMATY oblast

Reference Links

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